Our cause is common to every sectors of the society, not only to cyclists.


The adoption of politics in benefit of cyclists and of the conditions for their circulation promotes the best practices, already tested in other countries, such as the circulation off of the pavement and other pedestrian lanes, thus protecting the space and safety of pedestrians. The measures that benefit cyclists reflect also in the quality of the pedestrian mobility (e.g., calming of traffic, urban permeability, etc).


The bicycle offers at the same time the flexibility of a particular vehicle and a small environmental footprint. By making its use easier and more competitive in relation to the car, more drivers can choose the bicycle instead of the car for some of their travels. This choice relieves pressure from traffic and parking lanes, therefore improving the traffic flow.

Users of public transports

The bicycle expands the reach of the public transport network. By taking into account the needs of those who use bicycles, public transport companies wide their user base, making their lines more profitable, and take advantage of the off-peak hours. The increase of the economical viability of these companies makes it easier to provide a good service for all users.


A street with less cars and more bicycles is the one where the show windows get more visibility, where it’s easier to stop and shop, where people feel, and are, safe and comfortable. This is a street that belongs to the people.


A population that makes more journeys on bicycle and less on car is less sedentary. The reduction of atmospheric pollution and of noise is also a gain for public health. A city whose mobility is primarily based in public transport and active modes (e.g.: bicycle, walking) uses public space more efficiently, making mobility faster, and is wealthier because of the money saved with the car.

There are several ways to support this cause by collaborating with MUBi.

If you are a cyclist you can become a member. If you are an organization, you can become a one-time or permanent partner. In both cases, you can show your support in the various projects, through volunteership, donations, sponsorships, etc.


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