There are several ways to give your contribute for the causes defended by MUBi. Contact us by email if you wish to contribute in some way to our association.

Note that currently members are not obliged to the payment of dues.


Donations of equipment (either new or used) capable of being used in our projects are welcome; examples: bicycles and parts, tools, support material for training and awareness programs, etc.

Donatives in money are also welcome and will be put in the working capital of MUBi. The donatives can be used in different ways, such as in the purchase of necessary equipment, payment of travel expenses, promotional materials (such as flyers), renting of spaces for meetings or events, etc.


In specific initiatives organized by MUBi there might be the need for help, for example, in small repairements to improve spaces (such as our headquarters or community bike shops), or in larger scale events. In these cases, or others, you can participate by giving your time to make our project well succeeded.


The only way for MUBi to attend some relevant events is through financial contributions to support the costs, such as travel costs, accommodation, registration fees, etc. Sponsorships also have a key role in the organization of our own events.


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