MUBi promotes and follows projects in four working groups: communication, community, legislation & policy statements, and infrastructures.

Communication working group

The Communication group ensures the internal communication and coordination, and is responsible for the activities of Public Relations. It also promotes initiatives with the objective of making contact with news media and general public, thus giving visibility to the subjects treated by MUBi.


Community working group

The Community group develops actions directed to serve and strengthen the cyclist community, and simultaneously, to interact with the civil society in order to improve the general conditions that cyclists face everyday.


Legislation and policy statements working group

The role of this group is to identify parts of the legislation and of the regulations that should be corrected or can be improved to take into account the basic rights of cyclists. This group proposes solutions for the detected problems and defends them on the relevant organisms. At the same time, this group develops policy statements that justify and defend the positions of MUBi concerning important matters for cyclists, on political, technical and juridical levels.


Infrastructures working group

This group follows the work of the central government and municipalities in matters related to road infrastructures and parking spaces for bicycles, in the connection of these infrastructures with the public transport, and in other related subjects. After an analysis of the proposed measures, the group gives feedback about them by proposing suggestions and corrections.



There is one monthly global meeting (with all the active members of MUBi), where each group and project informs the others about the status of the ongoing activities. This meeting takes place on the second tuesday of every month, from 20h to 23h, in Lisbon. You are welcome to attend the meeting using Skype. During the rest of the month the communication is done using the mailing-list mubi-core, and if needed, in extra meetings of each group. These working groups are by no means closed. There is a strong cooperation and sharing between the different groups.

If you are a member of MUBi and you have interest in being an active part of it, you can join an existing working group or project, or you can start a new one. Please contact us.


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