Promotion and education for the use of bicycle

There is a serious gap at national and local levels regarding programs for education and promotion for the use of bicycles. These programs should be focused on specific groups whose behaviours directly affect cyclists, such as professional drivers (deliveries, public transport), drivers in general and local authorities.

Public and private schools for driving education of cyclists lack. Driving schools do not take into account the special needs of cyclists. Even police and local authorities are unaware of the legislation that is applicable to cyclists, thus they are not qualified to serve them effectively.

It is important to fill these gaps for the number of cyclists to increase, which could be achieved through a modal shift from car to bicycle. This increase would also help to justify the investments done and to be done in benefit of bicycles.

The work of MUBi

The main goal of MUBi is to promote the use of bicycle a vehicle. This promotion involves the encouragement of changes in behaviours of the population, and should be done essentially at a local level with the community (Universities, Secondary Schools, City Councils). Among other activities, it should include seminaries to increase awareness for vehicular cycling and for the use of bicycle as an eco-friendly alternative, organization and promotion of community bike shops, mentorship programs, and promotion of leisure and cultural activities around bicycles.



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