VOCA – Volunteers of Cycling Academy

In 2011 MUBi applied and was selected to participate in the project VoCA – Volunteers of Cycling Academy, funded by the European Union Program Grundtvig 2: Learning partnerships.

The GRUNDTVIG Program aims to improve the quality and to strengthen the european dimension of adult education, through the promotion of several types of activities of cooperation at an european level. It is directed to the teaching and learning needs of the participants in all kinds of adult education, be it formal, non-formal or informal, as well as the needs of the organizations that offer or promote that education.

Within this project, coordinated by a polish environmental NGO, and involving 12 european organizations that promote the use of bicycle as a means of transport, several meetings will be held, always in a different country. MUBi will also be responsible for the organization of one of these meetings, in Lisbon in 2013.

This project will provide the exchange of experiences between activists, will allow to know other outlooks and to show ours, and will set up an european network of contacts and cooperation related to the promotion of vehicular cycling. As a result of this cooperation, contents related to the use of bicycle will be created, such as manuals of best practices, glossaries, comparatives of cities, etc.

Updates on this project will be posted in our blog.


2 Responses to VOCA – Volunteers of Cycling Academy

  1. Dear Mustafa,

    The VoCA project already finished in 2013.

    You can find more information about the project here:

  2. mustafa özder says:

    Dear Project Owner,
    I am an English teacher and a member of a cycling club in Turkey. I want to share my experiences and yours.
    What should I do? What is the procedure of attending to your Project? Please inform me.

    Than you in advance.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mustafa özder

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