MUBi is an association of cyclists who use bicycle as a vehicle (commuting travels, shopping travels, etc). It was founded in 2009 but “took off” only in the beginning of 2011. Looking at the first hundreds of members, the profile of a member is as follows:

  • age between 17 and 66 years (the average is 34)
  • 17% are women
  • the majority is living in the Lisbon urban area (but we have MUBians from north to south, in the islands, and living abroad!)
  • 87% are interested in actively collaborating in the association, by joining the working groups and projects, or by collaborating in isolated initiatives)
  • 69% use bicycle for utility cycling several times per week
  • 44% use bicycle for leisure several times per month

MUBi is, by origin, mainly focused in Lisbon. However, since its activities include subjects of national relevance, its propagation throughout the country in the form of local groups will lead to a natural development of the association.

MUBI is member of:


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