MUBi has emerged among a large group of people involved in Lisbon’s Critical Mass. Its official formation, in legal terms, happened in Juin of 2009 (VAT No.  509005489).

“A reunião do consenso”, esplanada no Rossio, 15 de Março de 2009.

The founding members were: Pedro Machado, Nuno Xavier, Nela Meneses, João Branco, Rui Costa, Mário Alves, Ana Barroso, Cristina Coelho, Ana Pereira, Bruno Santos, Michele Soares, Tiago Carvalho e Luís Mota. Meanwhile, many more people joined the civic cause, either actively or as supporters.

The initial period of the association was characterized by some apathy. However  a new start happened with a meeting that took place in November of 2010. MUBi is now committed to fulfill its role in civil society and use the great potential that exists among its members.


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