MUBi envisions Portugal as a country where the sharing of space between bicycle and other choices of mobility can be done in harmony, thus contributing for the creation of a public space universally accessible and safe, in a responsible, consequent and sustainable society.

This vision conceives the various modes of transport integrated in intermodal systems, as well as safety conditions and the protection of those adopting active modes of transport. The use of bicycle as a means of transport arises then naturally, as an alternative socially accepted, legally protected, and culturally integrated in the Portuguese society.


MUBi’s mission is to give support for the creation of conditions for anyone to use bicycle as a vehicle in a safe, efficient, and pleasant way. MUBi aims to promote and share the benefits of this choice of transport.


  • Share, to protect and to extend the legal rights of cyclists, helping to create fair legal conditions for the circulation in the public space.
  • Promote the adoption of rules that integrate and protect the users of active modes of transport, in particular users of velocipedes, with the objective of attenuating road conflicts with motor vehicles.
  • Support the creation, adjustment and strengthening of structural conditions that are favorable for the use of velocipedes as vehicles. In particular:
    • For a safe and practical circulation;
    • For a safe parking and storage;
    • For the learning and improvement of driving skills.
  • Inform civil society about the benefits of bicycles in comparison to other forms of private transport, particularly as a vehicle suited for short and medium distance travels in an urban context, but also for suburban and long-distance travels.
  • Be an active interlocutor with news media, politicians, and civil society in general, regarding subjects related to accessibility and mobility, particularly in matters related to the bicycle.
  • Take part in the design, analysis and discussion of strategic documents related to accessibility and mobility, such as regulations, strategies and plans, supporting the integration of the bicycle as a vehicle in the transport and circulation system.
  • Take part in the discussion and construction of projects and decisions of organisms responsible for the management of the system of transport and circulation in public spaces, such as the central government, the Portuguese parliament, transport authorities, local authorities, and others.
  • Promote and to encourage the coordination and collaboration between all organizations with goals compatible with those of MUBi.

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