MUBi is a grassroots civic association formed by cyclists that promotes the use of bicycle as a means of transport, both in vehicular and recreational levels. Our work aims to achieve the social and legislative recognition of bicycle as an integral part of traffic, as well as the promotion and protection of measures that reestablish the natural competitiveness of the bicycle for travels in an urban setting. [About us]

A Bicicleta - Felicidade entre as Pernas!

MUBi develops community service projects through programs of education, of awareness & motivation, and of mentorship. Mubi is also involved in monitoring the implementation of public measures related to the use of bicycles, such as infrastructures (cycle paths, parking spaces, etc) and the articulation with the public transport system (shared bus lanes, bicycle transportation, etc). In addition, we work in the defense of the interests of cyclists at a legislative level, by promoting the adoption of laws and regulations that serve better the needs, the characteristics and the advantages of bicycle of a means of transport. [About our projects] A comunidade de ciclistas urbanos - uma grande família! The cause of MUBi should be supported by non-cyclists and by the civil society in general. The replacement of car travels by bicycle travels brings benefits to everyone, by the reduction of the occupation of public spaces, of the pollution and of the traffic injuries, and by the increase of public safety and of the flourishing of local commerce. [Join us!]

Bicycle is a simple and inexpensive tool, yet very powerful, of personal and social transformation. Join this cause!